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Goat Milk Powder

What is goat milk powder??

Goat milk powder is goat milk that has been dehydrated leaving a dry substance. The powder comes in two variants: skimmed and full cream. Skimmed milk powder is the result of dehydrating skimmed milk, full cream milk powder the result of dehydrating full cream milk. After adding water to the powder, milk is made again with only a slight change in taste.

How is goat milk powder produced?

Goat Milk Powder produces its powders from 100% fresh Turkish goat milk. Turkish goat milk is famous for its mild taste, a direct result of the important development in professionalism of the Turkish dairy-goat sector. The Turkish goat farmer is known to be one of the most efficient farmers worldwide with an enormous drive to produce high-quality milk from goats living in a low-stress environment.

In general, white goats from the Saanen species are milked in the Turkey. The average level of milk production of Turkish dairy-goats rises every year due to the good hereditary characteristics and excellent management. Not all milk offered complies with the strict quality rules Goat Milk Powder. sets for its farmers. Only the farmers with excellent milk values get the opportunity to supply Goat Milk Powder.

Where can goat milk  powder be used?

Areas in which goat milk powder, made from fresh goat milk, can be used are multiple. The baby food industry is obviously one of them where both full cream and skimmed milk powder are being used successfully. In addition, there are remarkable opportunities in sectors like the sports industry, healthcare and applications in pharmaceutical products.

Some clear examples of the use of goat milk powder, both the skimmed and full cream variant, are:

  • chocolate
  • sports diets
  • diets for the elderly
  • ice cream
  • soap

Standard specifications

Below our clear and standard specifications for full cream and skimmed goat milk powder.
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Full cream goat milk powder

Chemical characteristics

 Typical values
Protein 27%
Fat 31%
Moisture 2.5%
Lactose 33%
Ash 6.5%
Cow milk absent (detect.limit 1% Ridascreen 5102)

Physical characteristics

Scorched particles disc A (typical, disc B maximum)
Insolubility 0.1 ml (maximum)
Titratable acidity 0.15% lactic acid (maximum)
Foreign matter absent
Antibiotics according to NL Food Legislation

Microbiological characteristics

Total plate count ≤ 10,000 g
Yeasts and moulds < 50 + 50 g
Coliforms not detectable in 0.1 g
Thermophilic spores ≤ 100 g
Spores of B. Cereus ≤ 100 g
Staph. Aureus not detectable
Salmonella not detectable in 25 g
Packaging Multiply paper bag with pe liner, 25 kg net.
Storage conditions The product should be stored in a cool, dry and dark environment.
Shelf life If properly stored a shelf life of 12 months can be guaranteed.


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