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Goat Milk Powder

Goat Milk Powder has a long tradition in being used as a foodstuff. It is tasty, healthy and easy to digest. Its fat content has got an average of approximately 4.1% and its goat protein content 3.4%. Apart from that, the nutritional value is high: goat milk is an important source of high-quality protein (it contains all the essential amino acids), calcium, vitamins A and B2. Goat milk powder contains all the natural elements and materials as well.

What is goat milk powder??

Goat milk powder is goat milk that has been dehydrated leaving a dry substance. The powder comes in two variants: skimmed and full cream. Skimmed milk powder is the result of dehydrating skimmed milk, full cream milk powder the result of dehydrating full cream milk. After adding water to the powder, milk is made again with only a slight change in taste.

Goat Milk Powder For Sale

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Cashew Nuts characteristic

Type: Cashew Nut
Processing Type: Raw
Style: Dried
Packaging: Bags
Use: Processing
Nutcount: 160-180 per 1Kg
Moisture: 10%
max Defective: 10%
max Dryness: 100% Sunwell driedType: Cashew Nu

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